Advanced Analytics

Our digital analytics solutions use both qualitative and quantitative data across the spectrum to generate insights, evaluations, and suggestions that help businesses grow persistently. This results in more confident and sensible business plans, which translates to your desired results.

Orchid outlines the ultimate business goal of what the organization hopes to accomplish and how they will quantify it. This is crucial since a clearly defined KPI will direct the data collection, investigation, and analysis.

Measure, analyze, report, and test are the four stages of our analytics cycle. We gather all crucial quantitative and qualitative data required for assessing the segment through which we derive actionable insights to identify patterns. 

Why OrchidTech

Requirements & Strategy

We will work closely with you to understand your organization’s objectives, formulate a strategy, establish KPIs, and determine specific measures.

Tagging & Implementation

Whether it’s a new implementation or an audit review of an existing configuration, we’ll ensure all the tags and goals are functioning as intended.

Analysis & Reporting

We gather information, do analysis, and produce in-depth reports that provide you with practical advice and support for making necessary adjustments.


We continuously monitor your analytics for patterns and adjust the settings to capture essential data points effectively.

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