Salesforce CPQ

Configure, Price, Quote

Do you dream of a sales paradise where quoting and price management are automated? Salesforce CPQ can help make it a reality by transforming your firm’s marketing, sales, service, and operations. When you add Salesforce CPQ to your sales team, you’ll send your revenue soaring to new heights! This technology gives your sales team the power to instantly customize orders by pulling a combination of products across many possible variables. Pricing, discounting, and approval processes are all simplified, reduces new Sales team member ramp-up time, allowing your business to close deals faster. In addition to quote and price management automation, Salesforce CPQ can also automate your renewal opportunities as well as your entire billing process (from order through payment collection). And, it can connect to CRM, ERP, and finance systems.

Why OrchidTech

Our Salesforce CPQ implementation process is efficient and easy:

  1. We help you define business processes and KPIs so you have quantifiable indicators of your organization’s performance.
  2. We review your current systems to map out a plan for Salesforce integration.
  3. We provide a proposal that details the tools and processes that will be utilized for integration with your external systems.
  4. We discuss which customization options are amenable to your requirements; this may include template, application, trigger, and integration suggestions.
  5. We create a report and proposal that includes page layout and product configuration, setup of Salesforce CPQ features and unit pricing options, and the identification of opportunities that will boost productivity.
  6. Once you approve our report and proposal, we implement Salesforce CPQ based on your requirements.
  7. Following implementation, we offer various training options to get your team completely up to speed on the technology; this includes training targeted to specific roles.

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