Marketing Cloud

These days, an online presence is critical to the success of a business. But, simply having an up-to-date, responsive website is not enough to make your company stand out. OrchidTech and Marketing Cloud help you deliver relevant, personalized messages to clients and prospects, which is essential in making a lasting impression. Through multiple channels, Marketing Cloud delivers the right message at the right time. The software maps the customer journey and facilitates it with personalized, one-to-one communications. You can gather useful data to create relevant content, customize your email marketing, utilize mobile messaging, automate social workflow, and create journeys across channels.

Why OrchidTech

After learning your marketing process and mapping it to Salesforce current best practices, we create a proposal with our suggestions for optimization. Below are some typical recommendations you may see:

  • Constructing static and dynamic templates for content and emails
  • Building smart capture forms to collect data via landing pages
  • Creating segmented lists to send precisely targeted messages to specific customer groups
  • Simplifying customer self-management by building a Customer Profile Center and Preference Center that allow customers to update their own information
  • Setting up complex automations in Automation Studio to move customers through the journey (execute multiple steps on an immediate, triggered, or scheduled basis)

But wait, there’s more.

Our team can also assist in integrating Marketing Cloud with other systems as well as migrating configurations, automating personalization, and training your team. Plus, we can boost Marketing Cloud by incorporating HubExchange applications. Let the technology do all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to!

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