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QA is a critical aspect of any business. It ensures products and services meet customer expectations. A quality control plan encompasses diverse methods such as testing, inspections and audits.

Businesses of any scale or industry must comply with internal quality assurance procedures to ensure their products and services meet customer expectations.

Why OrchidTech

Quality Control

To ensure the quality of the project, we have a team of engineers that constantly monitor the production process. They make changes to the design and manufacturing process quickly if they see any potential problems. This makes us to deliver high-quality QA & QC that meets the needs of customers.

Minimized Costs

To prevent defects from happening, we ensure all aspects of the product are perfectly & flawlessly designed. Inspections throughout also help identify defects so they can be fixed before the release. For a defective product, it is important to fix it quickly and efficiently to minimize the cost of repairs.


Collecting feedback helps developers ensure their applications are user-friendly and effective. We ask our clients to specify their likes and dislikes about the released product and offer suggestions for improvement. Our goal is to make the application the best it can be!

Quality Maintenance

We establish processes for maintaining quality in the project. It includes creating a quality management plan, setting up quality control procedures, and ensuring everyone on the project team understands their roles and responsibilities. By doing this, we ensure the project stays on track and meets all of the requirements.

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