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Close more deals and boost your productivity! Surely, you’re making all the right moves. You invested in Salesforce Sales Cloud, put together a stellar sales team, and developed a good sales process. Your company is on an upward trajectory. However, you still may feel like there are opportunities you haven’t been able to get your hands on. Don’t feel bad; it happens to the best of us. In some situations, your sales team may not know the full capabilities of Salesforce. Or, your tech team may not know how to fine-tune Sales Cloud to enhance a sales process. Let us assist you with this! OrchidTech is the ideal partner for companies who want to build momentum and experience more sales growth. Our experts work with you and your staff to understand your sales strategies. From there, we devise a plan to streamline, automate, and boost your Sales team’s performance using Salesforce Sales Cloud. It all happens in two steps:


Why OrchidTech

Step 1: Sales Process Analysis
After reviewing your sales process and how Sales Cloud supports it, OrchidTech consultants map it to Salesforce current best practices. They identify opportunities for improving sales performance and/or adding automation. A report is then compiled with suggestions for maximizing efficiency.

This may include several recommendations:

  • Accelerating productivity through the identification of workflows, alerts, and activities conducive to automation
  • Capturing more prospects through lead assignments, automated lead scoring, and the collection of lead data in Salesforce
  • Improving campaign management by gaining insight into what strategies are (and aren’t) working
  • Building reports and dashboards to collect the right information, closely track progress, and make better decisions
  • Enhancing pipeline management by utilizing Salesforce best practices (managing leads and activities, and documenting statuses and closing opportunities)
  • Setting up forecasting and outlining the training necessary to get your team up to speed on the system

Step 2: Implementation

With years of experience under their belts, the OrchidTech implementation team utilizes a proven process to make sure Sales Cloud is functioning according to the recommendations identified in the analysis. Implementation involves multiple phases including discovery, design, configuration, testing, deployment, and training.

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