Data Security

Building a zero-trust environment for your data SaaS tool powered by AI/ML technologies providing comprehensive data observability and unmatched insights for data governance and protection. Our clients use it for data access governance, data sensitivity analysis, and automated alerting against compliance policies.

For the stringent data protection, integrate cutting-edge smart security solutions, cloud-native applications, and proprietary platforms. Leverage 24/7 support from top cybersecurity professionals to safeguard sensitive data and workflows.

We provide a broad range of solutions for an enterprise-wide security value chain, including identity access management, governance risk compliance, security assurance assessment, managed security, and system integration. These security services encompass diversified security products, technologies, and service requirements across industries.

Why OrchidTech

Security Vulnerabilities Assessment

Examine all essential data or dataflows at rest and in motion across IT and cloud ecosystems, platforms, apps, networks, and backend infrastructure for security gaps that could be exposed to malware, planned attacks, undiscovered threats, etc. Integrate premium anti-malware and anti-ransomware applications to filter out these flaws.

Data Encryption Services

Integrate the best data encryption algorithms and protocols to all related internal/organizational, remote/external, and customer dataflows. Safeguard internal communications between staff members and clients to stop any crucial data from leaking. To avoid unexpected attacks, ensure all communications, including conversations over chat and emails, are appropriately encrypted.

Incident Management

Monitor and analyze data risks across all business perimeters, cloud environments, and on-premise IT systems. Once a data breach is detected, it is investigated and classified into incidents for quick response and remediation. The compromised data is examined further to identify vulnerabilities and potential incident patterns for preventative maintenance. 

Firewalls Management

Improve data security across numerous IT and cloud assets with top-notch firewalls. An effective firewall constructs a strong wall around the servers and applications. The host-level firewall offers second-level defense control if the perimeter network firewall is misconfigured. Firewalls streamline the protection of sensitive data and resources that contain personally identifiable information to decrease the data risk.

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