Assessment Services

OrchidTech’s Cybersecurity Assessment Services unpeel the cybersecurity onion, assessing every layer to uncover opportunities for attack. We work closely with your team to harden each attack vector, making your environment almost unhackable. We also close the vulnerabilities that attackers use to infiltrate your systems.

Our penetration testing closes the door to attack opportunities providing comprehensive penetration testing as a service, using advanced automated tooling and certified hackers.

OrchidTech SWAT Team
Don’t lock the doors with the criminals inside! OrchidTech SWAT Team identifies and roots out cyber attackers that are already lurking inside your system.

Why OrchidTech

Reduce and Manage Risk

It is easier to develop a strategy to mitigate these risks by identifying where there are gaps in your existing security protocols.

Avoid Data Breaches

Security assessments and corrective actions aid in leaking internal data, client, and partner data to malicious parties.

Meet Compliance

Our cyber security audits can ensure that you comply with regulatory bodies and compliance frameworks like ISO 27001, NIST, and others.

Plan for the Future

Your team may plan and budget for cyber security measures in the coming years as a part of a comprehensive security strategy with the aid of the report you receive following our security assessment.

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