Salesforce Einstein

Know what will happen next and how to handle it! Salesforce Einstein is your own personal data scientist. It can help you improve your business metrics and determine the causes of business outcomes. Wielding powerful artificial intelligence technology, Salesforce Einstein provides your marketing and sales teams with more predictive approaches to connecting with clients. It gives your employees invaluable insights with a 360-degree view of customers and prospects.

Why OrchidTech

  • Einstein Analytics is a customizable, cloud-based platform that provides interactive views of data. These views are shareable through intuitive dashboards. You acquire a better understanding of who your customers are and what makes them tick.
  • Einstein Discovery utilizes Machine Learning to analyze data and identify patterns. It takes a huge volume of data and instantly turns it into new insights and recommended actions. The OrchidTech Data Science team customizes and implements Einstein Discovery based on your business process to make sure you’re able to fully reap its power.
  • Sales Cloud Einstein “learns” from your sales teams and CRM data. Embedded AI digs through email and text exchanges between your employees and prospects to pinpoint and estimate potential sales. You can then identify viable leads, predict deals with the greatest risk of loss, and calculate an accurate prediction of sales revenue.

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